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Poster: Arkiver Date: Jul 3, 2014 2:04pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: What's with 'Tweakers'?

I also posted this text at your other topic, but I thought it would be good to place it here too.

Hi Noah 8-?

I didn't see your post till now. This is one of my first video collection uploads and I thought (since you need 50 items to create a collection) to upload all items first into the opensource collection and then ask for a collection to be created for the videos.
A collection has now been created for the tweakers items and my items will go to there from now on, all the remaining tweakers item will also be moved into that collection.

I'm using a script to upload the videos to the Internet Archive, since it would just take too much time to upload them by hand one by one.

I believe these video are archive-worthy and I didn't mean anything bad with uploading these videos. Next time I won't upload them into the opensource collection but will ask for a collection to be created first and then I will upload the items directly into that collection.

I hope you understand me,